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If you are a farmer, work in the agriculture sector or even have plants at your house, you will be well-aware of how harmful fungi can be to your plants. As a farmer, protecting your crops against fungus is probably the first measure you should take.

If you don't, the chances are high that you will end up losing all of your yield to fungus. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use a quality fungicide.

A fungicide is a safe chemical product on the plants but kills the fungus cells on the plant's surface, protects them for future attacks, and controls and inhibits fungus growth. A fungicide will also keep the disease from spreading to other plants.


How to Choose the Best Fungicide?

Our experts at Syngenta have not confined themselves into labs for bringing you the best results; they have actively worked in the fields to improve our fungicide into delivering promising outcomes.

We understand how easily fungi can mask themselves and how it can be tricky to identify. We also understand that you might find it confusing to choose the right type of fungicide for your crops depending on the threat at hand and the crop type.

For your ease, we have all types of fungicides available in our stock that can help you with any fungus while being safe for all kinds of crops. Our products also have easy-to-understand instructions so you can make optimal use of our fungicide and get your desired results without any hassle.


Our Fungicide Range:

If you have used a fungicide before, you would know that it is not only to kill the fungus but also to prevent it from happening. At Syngenta, we have both these types available for ease of our customers so they can conveniently shop and maximize their yield.


Preventive Fungicide:

A preventive fungicide works to prevent the growth of fungi on plants. Using preventive fungicide is essential at multiple stages in your crop's life. We have a range of agricultural chemicals that will cover the whole lifecycle, starting from the sprouting of the seed to harvesting the crop.

We also have the two most popular types of preventive fungicides, including:


  1. Contact Fungicide:

Our contact fungicides adhere to the surface of the plants and prevent fungus cells from establishing contact with the plant, preventing its growth potential damage to the plant.


  1. Systematic Fungicide:

The other type of fungicide that we provide penetrates the plant and spreads throughout it, effectively preventing fungi's attack on the crop and keeping it safe from any damage.


Curative Fungicide:

If you did not use the preventive fungicide in a timely fashion or the one you used did not work out as promised, you still have hope. It is possible to save crops from fungi at the early stages or when the crop has only been partially damaged using our curative fungicide.


Browse our fungicide range now to find out the most appropriate one for your crops and nip the evil in the bud!