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Weed Killer

Every farmer or gardener loves to see his field all green with plants unless it is because of weed. Weed is like a land grabber that takes over your fertile land and steals the minerals, water, and sunlight from your crops.

You might think that the worst characteristic of weed is to grow when you don't want it, but that's not just it. Those who have been in business for a while know that weed can be extremely stubborn and resistive. No matter what you do to remove them, they come back.

As a farmer, you would also know that cultivation is time-consuming and often takes dusk till dawn. Plucking weed out one by one and by hand is extremely devastating in such a situation. So what else can you do?

The ideal solution is a weed killer spray, and not every weed killer spray is the same. Technically, weeds are also plants, so if your weed killer spray is too harsh, you might harm the plants you want to grow.

At Syngenta, our experts understand all these problems, so you will only find the most appropriate type of weed killer spray in our range that will scare the thieves away while providing utmost care to your crops.

Our Weed Killer Spray Range:

Weeds have different types, and these types have only one thing in common; they are all hard to get rid of. To make your field clear of any unwanted plants, you need a comprehensive solution to end all your worries.

This comprehensive solution comes in a package at Syngenta as we have:

  1. Pre-Emergence Week Killer Spray:

A pre-emergence weed killer spray is an extremely important precautionary measure that you can use to nip the evil in the bud. It is applied before or right after you plant your crop.

It prevents weed growth before your crop grows and until you harvest it.

  1. Post-Emergence Weed Killer Spray:

If you did not use pre-emergence weed spray killer before or at the time of plantation,  weed growth becomes inevitable. But you can still save your crop by using our post-emergence weed killer spray that inhibits weed roots and ensures that it does not grow any further.

It is also suitable for use when cultivating your land after a break and weed have covered your farm. Using it will clear out the field so you can plant your desired crop.

  1. Selective Week Killer Spray:

Selective weed killer spray is the best choice when weed grows alongside your crop. Our selective weed killer spray is designed to target the most common types of weed without having any harmful effect on co-existing plant species or crops.